Bolt Handle
Scope Mount
  Accuracy International
  Belgium mauser
  CZ 527
  CZ 550 Safari
  Cooper 16
  Cooper 21
  Cooper 22
  Cooper 38
  Cooper 52
  Cooper 54
  Cooper 57
  DGA Shilen
  Dakota 76
  Dakota Predator
  FN Mauser
  Farrell G-Force
  Grizzly II
  Howa 1500
  Kimber 8400
  Kimber 84M
  Knight Black Powder
  Mauser 96
  Mauser 98
  Mossberg MVP
  Nesika J
  Nesika K&S
  Nesika L&M
  Parker Hale
  Remington 504
  Remington 700
  Remington 788
  Remington Seven
  Remington Shotgun
  Remington XP100
  Ruger 07
  Ruger 10-22
  Ruger IV
  Ruger M77
  Ruger Mini 14
  Santa Barbara
  Savage 110 BA 111
  Savage 210
  Savage 25
  Savage 93
  Savage 99
  Savage AXIS
  Savage Long Action
  Savage Muzzle Loader
  Savage New Short
  Savage Old Style
  Savage Precision Target
  Savage Round Top Long
  Savage Round Top Short
  Winchester 70
  Winchester Pre 64
  Winchester WSM
  Winchester WSSM
  Yugoslavian 48
Scope Rings
  1" Scope Rings
  30 MM Scope Rings
  34 MM Scope Rings
Sekur Mounts
  Remington 700 Sekur
  Savage Round Top Short Sekur
  Black Oxide
  Barrel Jaws
  Barrel Vise

Screws : Four Replacement 6-48 Torx Screws
Four Replacement 6-48 Torx Screws
 ( 1 pack of 4 screws ) Replacement screws are for the scope mounts and rings. They are 6-48 and the standard length. You may need to shorten/grind off depending on the length you need.
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Price: $7.00


 FG-Force Savage NS-Pre 2003-in Steel Black Matte - 0 MOA
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Our Price: $136.42


 Replacement bolt handle.
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Our Price: $21.45


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