Ring Design

Lighter in weight and other features

Our products are manufactured in America with old-fashioned attention to quality and detail. You will not find a better product. Military snipers, police tactical, hunters and precision long-range shooters come to us for products with exactness. Our mounts and rings have been depended on to improve accuracy at long range distances.


Farrell Rings are precision CNC machined from a single piece of solid steel or aluminum. They are a Picatinny system that will mate with any 1913 Mil Spec Picatinny Mount. When used with the Farrell Scope Mount it is our goal to have a center line with less than .001 inches deviation.

Most rings are made in either aluminum or steel with a black matte finish. Both 1 inch and 30mm rings are made in five different heights. Our standard height rings, together with our mount, will accommodate a scope with a 56mm objective lens.

The new design of Farrell rings are grooved on the inside of the diameter to reduce weight and improve clamping. When the mount, if necessary has been bedded in properly, the decision to lap the rings is at hand, at times it may be necessary to lap rings, this will depend on the geometry of the reciever and the straightness of the rail after installation. Also the scope may set in the radius much better.

The Farrell clamp to the rail, we think is second to none. Why? The ring cross bolt is located directly across the 45 degree angles and pulls down and over to centerline of the rail creating a true torque. This enables the torque to be applied in such a way to prevent stressing and moving the center line of the ring.

The clamp is designed to pivot on all surfaces to assure proper contact on the rail, the ring and the cross bolt. This is accomplished by using a radius on all points of contact.  Looking at the line drawing will show this feature. This is very important, especially when different manufacturers of  rails might have different dimensions across the 45 degree angles that all rings mount on (picatinny or weaver style).

  • RING HEIGHTS - 1" and 30mm ( From the Top of the base to the centerline of the tube. )
  • LOW = 0.735"
  • STANDARD = 0.835"
  • MEDIUM = 0.935"
  • HIGH = 1.035"
  • EX-HIGH = 1.235"
  • RING HEIGHTS -  34mm ( From the Top of the base to the centerline of the tube. )
  • LOW = .970
  • STANDARD  = 1.070"
  • HIGH = 1.170
  • 50 in/lbs of torque is used on our cross bolt.
  • There are four screw caps.
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