Free Target

Free Target Downloads for Scoped Pistols and Rifles! One thing I've noticed throughout the years is that the standard NRA style targets work well for standard iron sights, but are woefully inadequate for scoped rifle shooting. For one thing, the crosshairs get lost in the black area of the target. Another problem is that to see what sort of group you've shot, you have to go all the way downrange to check it out - bullet holes that land in the black get lost in the background color.

In answer to both of these complaints, we've developed the first target uniquely designed for the scoped pistol / rifle shooter. Our design incorporates 4 'aiming cones' to direct your eye to the center of the bull, while leaving the vertical and horizontal alleys clear for you to keep your crosshairs in sight at all times. The cones are gray, to allow the shooter to spot his grouping from the bench instead of constantly pacing the range to check his score. You may print as many as you like, and distribute them freely to your shooting partners.

Just click here to download [You'll need Adobe Acrobat to view them].

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